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“Speeches That Last A Lifetime”

Meeting planners must deliver more value from the speakers they select in today’s tight economic situation. In order to be successful, acquire repeat business and referrals, any meeting professional must deliver powerful returns on investment; it is critical to your customer. 

And we feel the same way. That is why Dr. Perry is an excellent choice for presentations to your group. You can choose from a myriad of content-rich presentations that are peppered with humor…..either in safety or careers. Each is customized to fit your industry or association.

Safety speaker are few, far and in-between.

Congratulations you have found an experienced safety speaker who can help your organization reduce insurance costs and increase productivity.

You are looking for a safety speaker who can make a difference. A safety speaker that can bring solid safety solutions to the table. A safety speaker, who can bond with the audience because of their commons experiences. A safety speaker who delivers customized and relevant content to your group.

Looking for a safety speaker on personal safety issues? Looking for a safety speaker on workplace safety? A safety speaker on emergencies and disasters? A safety speaker who can touch all the audience with Safe travel tips across town or across the globe? A safety speaker for male, female or both audiences?

Dr. Perry is a safety speaker you can work with. A safety speaker, who is flexible enough to meet your needs, yet delivers solid safety presentations that add value. Only safety professionals who have current and relevant information and experience become the safety speaker of choice.

If your organization is looking for a safety speaker from a Fortune 50 company with international experience from the manufacturing floor (tactical issues) to the corporate headquarter board-room (strategic planning) that can motivate others, then Dr. Perry is the safety speaker for your organization.

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The Safety Scorecard: How to Take Your Safety Program to the Next Level

By properly implementing a safety management system, an organization can enhance their productivity, profit and competitive advantage. Learn how some organizations save $3 for every $1 spent on safety


  • Identify the major elements of a safety management system
  • Create a safety-empowered workforce
  • Improve productivity and competitive edge to achieve long-term goals

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OSHA’s Top 10 Violations

How many times have we heard 80% of the problems come from 20% of the issues? By addressing the most frequent industry-wide safety violations first, you will have the greatest success in your safety compliance program.


  • Learn the “Top 10” violations for your industry (nationwide statistics)
  • Identify what actions you can take to resolve the problems
  • Build a network of resources to assist you

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If you are seriously interested in making your client’s happy and bringing value and humor to their meeting, you will want to contact us.

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