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Online Safety Training Overview

Today, more and more facilities are using the internet to deliver Safety and Regulatory Compliance training to many of their employees. Online safety training can be used virtually anywhere, at any time. So companiess with a number of locations can get the same training to all of their employees... employees on second and third-shift can take the training as

easily as first-shift employees... and new hires can be trained as soon as they walk in the door.
We offer one of the largest libraries of full-motion video-based Safety and Regulatory Compliance courses in the industry, with over 115 titles to choose from in English, many of them in Spanish and Chinese, as well.

Online safety courses can be taken:

  1. Individual basis with separate credit cards. Course Offerings >>

  2. Organizations can establish an account for multiple registrations on our system with one corporate credit card.
    Call us at (407) 291-1209 to set up your company portal today.

  3. Organizations can put a course/all courses on their intranet via CD ROM for all employees to access at any time.
    Overview of Company-Wide Online Safety Training Programs and the courses available for this training system.
    Call us at (407) 291-1209 to establish your corporate-wide training system.